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Israel's Blaze Unveils Spider VTOL UAV

 - July 16, 2022, 6:22 AM
The Blaze VTOL UAV uses a single, nose-mounted motor and propeller for vertical takeoff and landing.

IMCO Group's Blaze, which manufactures multi-mission unmanned and remotely controlled equipment for air, land, and naval applications, has unveiled the Spider VTOL, a small electric fixed-wing VTOL UAV.

Using a single, nose-mounted motor and propeller for vertical takeoff and landing, Blaze said the Spider VTOL offers an ideal solution for tactical, covert, "over-the-hill," or extended-range, real-time intelligence. The Spiders can perform point takeoffs and landings in small areas, such as forest clearings or small ships, and it can operate in harsh wind and weather conditions and in GPS-denied environments without compromising performance, according to the Israel-based company.

A single individual can operate the Spider, and its flying wing design and belly-mounted payload configuration enable flights of up to three hours and promote survivability and fast redeployment. The craft can carry various payloads, providing covert real-time day or night intelligence for a wide variety of open areas and urban scenarios such as military, law enforcement, low-intensity conflict, security, peacekeeping, search and rescue, disaster management, and civil applications.

"[Spider] is a groundbreaking tool that enhances forces’ situational awareness and tactical terrain dominance," said Blaze CEO Itai Toren.